Northampton Weather


Dome CCTV camera facing north east.

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I have been having a lot of trouble with the weathercam “sticking” – the time updates but the image doesn’t change. I think I may have found the cause and cured this – the dongle is on a USB extension lead and I noticed that any movement of the lead at all was  followed by the “USB connect” sound. I think the disconnect and reconnect was causing the video to stall. A change of lead made no difference so I’ve bodged a cure by wedging the dongle into the connector with some packing made by folding over paper. That has stopped  the sounds and with any luck the “sticking”.

Now I’ve seen another sort of “sticking” – the webcam picture on this webpage and the generated webpage the program can produce would only refresh when the application was maximised. I’ve “fixed” that by stopping and restarting the application. IP cameras really are a lot less bother.

I had to replace both the dome camera which had suffered an ingress of water and the Easycap dongle which had issues with the driver by the time I got the new camera – presumably due to some Windows update or other and I couldn’t find replacement drivers that worked on this 64bit Windows 7 machine. The new dongle is supported directly by Windows and required no driver install.

Slideshow of pictures uploaded over the last 24 hours.

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