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Skywire Loop Antenna

In we ham radio operators' continual quest for the perfect antenna system, we try some strange things at times, but often, the simplest is also the best. That is certainly the case with the basic "loop" antenna, an often misunderstood critter, but one that gives absolutely the most for each foot of wire of any antenna I have had occasion to play with.

First, let me reassure you that such an antenna does not necessarily take much room. One reason I went to one in the first place is because I didn't have room for a 260-foot-long dipole for 160 and I wanted to give the "top band" a try for the first time in my 45 years of being a ham. If you are talking 75 meters (and up if you
want a multi-band antenna...more later on that), it's only about 65 feet on a side in a square arrangement
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9 band vertical HF antenna

Simple vertical radiator with a not so simple matching box. No traps, no tuner required.
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160-10M Sturba Curtain

This design will work all bands from Top Band to 10M using a tuner.
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Double-L Antenna For 80/160

A popular misconception about vertical antennas for the low bands is that they must have elaborate ground systems. Here’s a vertical antenna for 80 and 160, fed wit
h a single feed line that is simple, effective, and requires no ground system. You won’t beat the 4-squares, but you will hold your own against a grounded quarter wave with ridiculous amounts of copper in the ground.
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PA0RDT Mini Whip

Compact wideband active antenna.

Claimed effective from 10kHz to 30MHz

Frequency range: 10 kHz 30 MHz
Power: 12 15 volts at 50 mA.
Second order output intercept point: > + 70 dBm.
Third order output intercept point: > + 30 dBm.
Maximum output power: in excess of 15 dBm

Length: 100 mm, diameter: 40 mm
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Short dipoles and verticals from DJ9RB

Basic design details for a number of different antennas from 160m to 40m
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Antennae for the Low Bands..80 and 160m

On the higher bands the same antenna is usually used for both TX and RX . The Low Bands are different in that one good TX antenna is probably adequate. If the TX antenna is relatively inefficient we can compensate by using more power. But for RX we require antennae that have the very best signaltonoise ratio (SNR) that we can muster. It is also very advantageous if these antennae are directional. Sensitivity in the RX antenna is not really that important so long as the SNR is excellent.....A good low noise amplifier (preamp/LNA) can give us all the sensitivity that we need.
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KE4UYP TopFed 1/4 Wave Linear Loaded Vertical For 80 and 160M

This is a vertically and horizontally polari
zed antenna the Linear loaded 1/4 wave length vertical radiator introduces very little loss. The over all radiation efficiency is high at 80% to 85%. Enhancing this vertical radiator is the 1/4 wavelength horzontally polarized radiator (counterpoise) Located at the feedpoint and note it is at the top of the antenna giving you an almost totally omnidirectional pattern of high wave angle horzontally polarized Radiation.

300khz bandwidth under 2:1 SWR on 80m
100khz bandwidth under 2:1 SWR on 160m

You will be quite amazed with how well this antenna works on either 80 or 160 meters.
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80/40m Vertical +160M at a push..!!

I have always admired the Butternut vertical antennae. They are very well built using good quality doorknob capacitors and nice airwound lowloss coils. Having had an HF2 for a while I decided to see if I could make a homebrew improved..?? version.
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A Multiband Vertical

I have to thank Con, DF4SA, of Spiderbeam for giving me the opportunity to inexpensively try their new 18m telescoping pole. I turned it into a great 160m through 30m antenna; as a bonus it makes a good tree surrogate to hang a 15m dipole from.
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