Delapré Abbey

Approach to the Abbey and London Road Spinney

Delapré Abbey was renovated by Northampton Council and is normally open to visitors but is closed during lockdown. The grounds and surrounds are all still open to the public and with the golf course closed that too can be walked freely but once reopened the public footpath must be followed which reduces walking opportunities. The semi derelict building on the left of the roadway was presumably once an entrance lodge.

This is the entrance to Delapre Abbey on London Road with the roadway leading to the car park. Clicking on the picture takes you to Google Streetview.

If instead of heading east towards the Abbey you turn right there is a narrow spinney running south alongside the London Road. When I was young this was walled but the wall has been removed now. It is popular with dog walkers so take care….

On the approach to the Abbey you can either follow the roadway or instead take the fields to either left or right. The field to the left used to be home to an archery club in days gone by. There are a couple of lightning trees and a large felled tree but little else of note. To the right there are some large trees and permanent wooden horse jumps from the days when there was a riding school here.

A history of the abbey can be found at

Abbey interior and grounds