IPCAM SDK miscellaneous commands



Description To obtain the device settings info.
Permission Administrator

Syntax /get_params.cgi

sys_ver Firmware version number
app_ver Web UI version number
alias alias
now The count of seconds form 1970-1-1 0:0:0 to
tz The current time zone settings contrast with
the standard time zone GMT (Unit: Seconds)
ntp_enable 0:disable ntp Calibration time 1:enable
ntp_svr Ntp Server
user1_name User1 name
user1_pwd User1 password
user1_pri User1 permission
… …
user8_name User8 name
user8_pwd User8 password
user8_pri User8 permission
dev2_alias The 2nd Device alias
dev2_host The 2nd Device host(IP or Domain name)
dev2_port The 2nd Device port
dev2_user The 2nd Device user name
dev2_pwd The 2nd Device password
dev9_alias The 9th Device alias
dev9_host The 9th Device host(IP or Domain na
dev9_port The 9th Device port
dev9_user The 9th Device user name
dev9_pwd The 9th Device password
ip IP address
mask mask
gateway gateway
dns Dns server
port port
wifi_enable 0:disable 1:enable
wifi_ssid WIFI SSID
wifi_encrypt 0:disable 1:enable
wifi_defkey Wep Default TX Key
wifi_key1 Key1
wifi_key2 Key2
wifi_key3 Key3
wifi_key4 Key4
wifi_authtype Authetication type 0:open 1:share
wifi_keyformat Keyformat 0:Hex 1:ASCII
wifi_key1_bits 0:64 bits; 1:128 bits
wifi_key2_bits 0:64 bits; 1:128 bits
wifi_key3_bits 0:64 bits; 1:128 bits
wifi_key4_bits 0:64 bits; 1:128 bits
wifi_channel Channel (default 6)
wifi_mode Mode (default 0)
wifi_wpa_psk wpa_psk
pppoe_enable 0:disable 1:enable
pppoe_user pppoe user
pppoe_pwd pppoe password
upnp_enable 0:disable 1:enable
0:disable DDNS
5: Reserved
6: Reserved
7: Reserved
9: 3322.org(statdns)
ddns_user Ddns user
ddns_pwd Ddns password
ddns_host Ddns host
ddns_proxy_svr Proxy server (only used in china )
ddns_proxy_port Proxy port
mail_svr Mailbox server
mail_port Mailbox server port
mail_user Mail user name
mail_pwd Mail password
mail_sender The sender mailbox
mail_receiver1 The receiver1 mailbox
mail_receiver2 The receiver2 mailbox
mail_receiver3 The receiver3 mailbox
mail_receiver4 The receiver4 mailbox
mail_inet_ip Mail send internet IP 0:disable 1:enable
ftp_svr FTP server
ftp_port FTP server port
ftp_user User name
ftp_pwd password
ftp_dir catalogue
ftp_mode 0:post 1:pasv
ftp_upload_interval Upload interval (Seconds) 0:disable
alarm_motion_armed 0:motion disable 1:enable
alarm_motion_sensitivity Sensitivity 0:high 1:medium 2:low 3:ultra low
alarm_input_armed 0:input detect disable 1:enable
alarm_iolinkage 0:when alarm disable IO linkage 1:enable
alarm_mail 0:when alarm di
sable mail send 1:enable
alarm_upload_interval Upload interval (Seconds) 0:disable


Description To obtain the Device status info.
Permission visitor

Syntax /get_status.cgi

now:The count of seconds form 1970-1-1 0:0:0 to now
alarm_status:0:no alarm; 1:motion alarm; 2:input alarm
ddns_status:DDNS status(details see below)
upnp_status:UPNP status(details see below)

0 No Action
1 It’s connecting…
2 Can’t connect to the Server
3 Dyndns Succeed
4 DynDns Failed: Dyndns.org Server Error
5 DynDns Failed: Incorrect User or Password
6 DynDns Failed: Need Credited User
7 DynDns Failed: Illegal Host Format
8 DynDns Failed: The Host Does not Exist
9 DynDns Failed: The Host Does not Belong to You
10 DynDns Failed: Too Many or Too Few Hosts
11 DynDns Failed: The Host is Blocked for Abusing
12 DynDns Failed: Bad Reply from Server
13 DynD
ns Failed: Bad Reply from Server
14 Oray Failed: Bad Reply from Server
15 Oray Failed: Incorrect User or Password
16 Oray Failed: Incorrect Hostname
17 Oray Succeed
18 Reserved
19 Reserved
20 Reserved
21 Reserved

0 No Action
1 Succeed
2 Device System Error
3 Errors in Network Communication
4 Errors in Chat with UPnP Device
5 Rejected by UPnP Device, Maybe Port Conflict

Note supports two Authentication Methods: http Basic64 encode and use of username/password in the param directly.


Description Reboot device
Permission Administrator

Syntax /reboot.cgi[?next_url=]


Description Restore factory settings
Permission Administrator

Syntax /restore_factory.cgi[?next_url=]


Description Upgrade firmware
Permission Administrator

Syntax /upgrade_firmware.cgi[?next_url=]

Note Must use POST method.


Description Upgrade Web UI firmware
Permission Administrator

Syntax /upgrade_htmls.cgi[?next_url=]

Note Must use POST method.

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