Better quality Kodi streams


Many people these days are installing Kodi on a variety of devices from PCs right through to Raspberry Pis or maybe buying Media players or Amazon Fire sticks with it preinstalled.

One of the most popular and best video add-ons is Exodus as any investigation of the topic using Google search will quickly reveal along with step by step instructions on how to go about installing it and Kodi itself.

Alas Exodus is no more but fortunately the Covenant addon looks just about the same and works well with Real-Debrid (see below). There were streams available without using Real-Debrid but not so many and not so good.

Once your device is up and running you may well see something like these pages…

First page shown when selecting Popular TV series in the Exodus Kodi add on (in January 2017)

Exodus Kodi add on 2016 movies selection

First page shown when selecting 2016 Movies in the Exodus Kodi add on

There are many hundreds of TV episodes and movies available for streaming directly to your device. What is less often mentioned is that many of those free streams are pretty abysmal quality. With the Exodus add on at least there are options to register accounts which will give you good HD quality streams although you will need to subscribe (i.e. pay) a little for the privilege.

One such service is RealDebrid. Once you have subscribed to the service just follow this path …
Kodi / Videos / Add Ons / Exodus / Tools / Accounts / ReadDebrid / Authorisation
When you click on Authorisation a dialog box will pop up giving instuctions on how to authorise your device. Once done you will find more and far better quality streams to try for your selected content.

RealDebrid isn’t a one-trick pony though – if you use forums such as TehParadox (now sadly defunct) or Adit HD to find content you can download from file_lockers then adding the account to Jdownloader and you’ll get premium access (most of the time) to a huge range of file_locker sites without the need to purchase individual accounts. Maybe you are a patron of ThePirateBay and run a torrent client. If so avoid the risk and the naughty boy letters which ISPs will soon be sending to UK accounts using torrents by adding the magnet link in the Torrents section of RealDebrid and letting their server run your torrent for you (probably quicker than you can) and then once complete just download the file directly from RealDebrid.

So is all the above entirely legal? – probably not. Is it morally acceptable? – down to you. Will you get caught? – right now almost certainly not.

Did you find TehParadox or ThePirateBay blocked by your ISP? If so and you want to check them out then the easiest option is to install the Opera web browser and turn on its inbuilt VPN.


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