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A update to my first Infinity post.

Well here we are mid May. The Infinity cabinet is up and humming an the exchange is taking orders on enabled cabinets. Sadly it won’t take one from me though. Why? Because BT’s right hand doesn’t know what its left hand is doing. All the houses between mine and the cabinet are serviced by it. The leaked PCP spreadsheet shows that every line in my postcode is serviced by the same cabinet as are the other postcodes on the way to it.

Put in the phone number of a house 30 doors nearer the cabinet than me and it says Infinity is go.

Put in the phone number of a house 15 doors nearer the cabinet than me on the same postcode as me and it says Infinity is go.

Put in the postcode and number of a house 7 doors nearer and it says Infinity is go.

Put in my postcode and number and it says ADSL only.

Phone up BT and they insist that their data is completely up to date and Infinity is not available to me. It seems that the all-too-visible telephone pole across the road from me has been lost by them.

The invisible telephone pole

 Of course they are perfectly correct about Infinity not being available to me but only because their crummy system has not got the correct data.

A bit more digging shows that none of houses served by the same pole as me can get Infinity. There is no obvious physical reason why this should be so and I’m pretty much certain that it is just an Openreach data error.

Will it ever be available to me? Who knows. Maybe I’ll have to give VM a second chance and upgrade to 60Mbps but I’m very loathe to do so.


After advice on the ThinkBroadBand forum I emailed the BT CEO office about this and actually got a couple of replies on the Sunday. On Tuesday as she’d promised the BT CEO office person called me back but only to say things were taking a while to sort out and promised to call again Thursday. On Thursday I had an email from a BT Openreach complaints manager saying this was being looked into and a further call from the BT CEO office rep promising a follow up on Tuesday.

This is all taking a bit of  a while for something that looks to me to be pretty clear cut but at least it seems that someone is investigating. I hope so and that I’ll be able to move on from VM – the MyVM upgrade option suggests I’d need an engineer install to go to 60Mbps (at £49.95) which is both plain stupid as I’m already on DOCSIS3 with a modem which will support 60Mbps so it just needs a config change andsomething that isn’t going to happen. It won’t happen because there is no way in the world that I’ll pay VM for yet another abysmal Superhub as that is in effect that is what this would amount to. If BT say no and VM retentions can’t arrange for a simple no-charge config change I’ll stick on 10Mbps.


Update 1 June 2012
Received an email from a different BT guy saying he is working on the problem and hopes to get back to me next week at the latest. The email was apparently sent 31 May 2012 22:36 ???
I’m guessing that the sender is the person actually doing some work on it rather than just managing the complaint and passing it on. I must say I’m quite impressed with the way BT have been keeping me informed – especially as I’m only potentially a customer. Maybe I’ll be able to actually become a customer eventually – I hope so.

Update 2 June 2012
Another email arrived from the same Openreach bloke yesterday evening timed at 20:19 – I’m not sure if this man is a shiftworker or a workoholic – saying the data has been corrected and I can order. Says this was a very rare issue affecting my DP (BT acronym for Distribution Point which is in my case the pole across the road) and he has only seen it once before and something is being done to the system to stop the problem happening in future. Anyhow it was perfectly correct and I placed the order this morning. Install will be on Monday 25th June 2012.

I’m really hoping that there will be no follow up problem with this one…

Update 26 June 2012
Naturally with Openreach in the equation that was a vain hope – the saga continued


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