Delapré Abbey 2

Interior and Grounds

We didn’t see these interior scenes on our walks as the Abbey was closed. We won’t see them when it is reopened either as these were all taken on an open day 17th/18th March 2012. The Friends of Delapre Abbey were attempting some preservation but before funding was secured for a full restoration. Most were taken by my friend Graham.

Entering the grounds past the library wing there is a big expanse of grass with a solitary seat on the rear edge which is where this sideshow starts out. The more formal gardens are closed during lockdown but the informal gardens which once had some TLC from the Friends of Delapré Abbey are open and unfortunately looking rather neglected. There was a tearoom run by the Friends selling tea coffee cakes and the like with tables in the formal garden which was rather good. Unfortunately that went and was replaced by a posher cafeteria housed in the white portion of the Abbey you can see in the first slide plus the restored sandstone section to its right. We tried it once when it first opened but the service was poor, the food not very good and the prices rather high. It may have improved since but I doubt we will try it again.

Moving on to the Angling Lake or Golf Course