Foscam FI8918W cellar cam Demo for any web browser


Cellar cam – live demo for any browser
This is a cut down demo which may work with browsers other than FireFox and Chrome. If you use either of those I recommend that you switch to Foscam FI8918W live demo. Recently due to abuse of this cam I have had to take steps to conceal its url and passwords. The way I have implemented this means I have had to reduce the refresh rate and as a consequence this demo will be very sluggish

Normally the cellar is unlit although a limited amount of sunlight comes through the small window behind the webcam.
IR views are black and white.
When daylight is available or the cellar lighting is on there will be a colour picture.
Any colour may be rather washed out if the light level is too low to automatically turn off the IR LEDs.

This page displays snapshots from the camera and requires javascript to refresh the image at around a frame a second. Snapshots taken while the camera is in motion will be blurred and that blurring will persist until there is a refresh from when the camera has stopped. This effect is not nearly so noticeable when using the videostream.

As the video snapshots use a considerable portion of my home upstream bandwidth I have to limit visitor access time and the only way I can do that is by imbedding the camera access into my own webpage.

If you want more than one test that’s OK but I’m well aware it is easy enough to hack into the camera for unlimited access time or indeed to screw up the settings – I’ll just ask you nicely not to do that or I’ll have to block access to it entirely which would be a shame.
In the meantime abuses have forced me to limit upstream bandwidth for this camera.

Sorry but repeated abuse of this facility has forced me to remove the demo

Here are some details on how you can embed video from a Foscam IP camera into your own web page

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  1. Hi,

    nice research work you have done. Can you share how did you config time limit for page and also this human/robot questionary would be nice to add to my pages.


  2. Hi,

    The actual webcam page is protected by and the time limit is a simple html meta refresh tag – Neither are in any way secure against someone determined to overstay their welcome on the video stream. Fortunately that does happen less often these days.


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