Foscam FI8918W cellar cam Demo


Cellar cam – live demo for FireFox or Chrome browsers
If you use a FireFox or Chrome browser feel free to have a play with my Foscam FI8918W cellar cam from this page.

Normally the cellar is unlit although a limited amount of sunlight comes through the small window behind the webcam.
IR views are black and white.
When daylight is available or the cellar lighting is on there will be a colour picture.
Any colour may be rather washed out if the light level is too low to automatically turn off the IR LEDs.

As the video streaming uses a considerable portion of my home upstream bandwidth I have to limit visitor access time and the only way I can do that is by imbedding the camera stream in my own webpage. Unfortunately I can only embed the stream for browsers which support the camera “server push” mode and this page will not work for Internet Explorer.

If you want more than one test that’s OK
but I’m well aware it is easy enough to hack into the camera for unlimited access time or indeed to screw up the settings – I’ll just ask you nicely not to do that or I’ll have to block access to it entirely which would be a shame.
In the meantime abuses have forced me to limit upstream bandwidth for this camera.

Sorry but repeated abuse of this facility has forced me to remove the demo

Here are some details on how you can embed video from a Foscam IP camera into your own web page

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  1. Owen,

    Unfortunately I have no info on the audio but I can confirm that it does work from remote to camera. I have never plugged a mic into mine to check the other way. IP Cam Viewer Android app by Robert Chou supports the audio functions. I use the paid for Pro version.


  2. Hi – Its a pretty nice demo. Foscam should send you royalties. Their demos suck. I suspect no one is interested in your cellar at all but more interested in the function of the foscam. I think that the IR seems to work well and the pan and tilt is much better than I expected. Just an idle thought – What would you say the maximum outbound bandwidth requirement is per camera on maximum settings?

  3. I thought there would be zero interest in the cellar too but I’ve seen people bypass my pages and leave sessions open for over a day at a time – no idea why though – perhaps they thought it was more than a boring cellar. It isn’t.

    Running local at 640×480 it uses just over 1Mbps of bandwidth. VM stopped providing separate modems and their Superhub has no QoS functionality so now it runs without any upstream limitation and I just reboot it if somebody is hogging the bandwidth when I need it.

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