EAGET X5 1080p HD MKV media player


EAGET X5 1080p HD MKV media player

Some time ago I bought a WD TV HD media player to play MKV video files on an HD TV only to find that it’s handling of DTS soundtracks required a surround amp to work at all. After a bit of research I found that what I needed was a player that could downmix the DTS to stereo for playing using just an HDMI cable to a TV without surround sound facilities. At the time the cheapest option I could find which did this was a eGreat M34A which was a clone of a Popcorn Hour player costing a lot more. I paid just over £100 for it and it worked extremely well playing just about everything I threw at it. It was my main media player until very recently.

I decided to get another media player for the bedroom TV and came across the EAGET X5 on eBay costing £45 delivered.

Setting up the X5 was very easy and I simply gaffer taped it on top of the satellite box which itself was gaffer taped on top of the bedroom LCD TV, (at least I used black gaffer tape which matched the boxes and not silver as you might see frequently on sites like ThereIFixedIt), connected up the HDMI lead, plugged in the power jack, and a USB disk with a couple of MKV HD movies on. One was just great but disaster struck with the second. That bargain basement price maybe wasn’t so bargain basement after all – the second movie had two audio tracks and a subtitle track and try as I might I couldn’t turn off the subtitles. Maybe this was just as well as I couldn’t get the damned thing to play the English track either and my Polish is none too hot.

I fired off a question to the eBay seller asking if I’d missed anything in getting the screen which looked like it should offer the ability to choose audio and subtitle tracks to work and also had a hunt for a freeware MKV editor.

The only freeware I found which allowed tracks to be dropped was the well regarded MKVtoolnix. It worked a treat. I used mmg.exe which is a graphical user interface to the no doubt complex command line based portion of the software. Load a video file, select the wanted tracks, hit the remux button and voila – an MKV with just an English audio track and no annoying subtitles. Perfect.

Except it wasn’t. The X5 wouldn’t play the new file even though VLC on my PC played it perfectly. I faffed around trying all sorts of media settings on the tracks with the same result. I tried MKVExtractGUI2 to pull out just the tracks I wanted and muxed those. Still no joy.

The eBay seller eventually got back to me and admitted that the X5 cannot select select audio and subtitle tracks. I was offered a choice of either a refund or a more expensive player (Kaiboer H1055) that he said
would do want I want. I chose the better player and after posting the X5 on Monday it arrived on the Wednesday which was excellent service.

Just recently I found I couldn’t play a particular mkv and tried it on the Kaiboer which player it perfectly. That plus its much faster boot time has lead to me using it as my main media player and relegating the eGreat M34A to the bedroom. I’ve produced a mini Kaiboer H1055 review should anyone be interested.

For me the limitations of the X5 rule it out as a viable player. During my searching around I came across the Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 which appears to have the same chipset and software so I presume the same limitations. The same seller I got the Eaget X5 from sells the Ider I6-FH which looks to me to be the same too. I don’t doubt that there are many players using this same chipset and software. If the limitations I found are important to you then do some research before buying.

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  1. Hi there,

    I just found your article on the Eaget X5.

    I’ve had it for about a month – noticed last night a very irritating issue – whilst watching .mkv files that have embedded subtitles, you CANNOT switch them off at all. This is very frustrating!

    Did you by chance by it from Futeko? I thought about buying the Cyclone Micro 2, but it looks like it runs exactly the same OS.

    Is the Kaiboer able to switch off subtitles?

  2. Hi Dave,

    yes I bought it from Futeko. It was that problem with subtitles and
    inability to switch audio tracks that lead to me send it back.
    Screenshots of the menus of the Cyclone Micro 2 look the same as the
    Eaget so I’m sure it must run the same firmware and will have the same
    shortcoming. The Kaiboer can select audio and subtitles and turn
    subtitles off completely. It has played everything I’ve tried so far
    apart from my own MKVtoolnix edits which failed on that as well as the
    Eaget and I don’t know why.

    I don’t think you’ll be able to return the Eaget now although it may
    be worth a try but you’ll maybe need to try MKVtoolnix yourself to
    strip out unwanted audio tracks and subtitles and see if you can find
    some help getting its output to work – as the Sumvision Cyclone is
    much more common using that when searching for a solution is going to

    throw up more hits.

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