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Free MoneyFree Money??? Really???
All businesses are keen to get a paying customer. If they can steal one from a rival then so much the better. They are so keen to do so that they are willing to pay good money for a new customer. Normally this money goes to advertisers and comparison websites who get paid a commision for new customers. Now you can tap into this and get hold of that commision yourself through TopCashBack Most of the time you are just getting your own money back but some companies are so keen to buy market share that they cannot possibly be making a profit on their product after paying the cashback. O2 Broadband have been operating this way from when they started to now (early 2010).
How it works…
The mechanism is simplicity itself. All you do is…
  • Register with TopCashBack.
  • Check if a seller of something you want is offering cashback through TopCashBack.
  • If so then just login to your TopCashBack account and click the link through to the seller.
  • Make your purchase as normal
  • After a day or so check that your transaction has “tracked” (you can raise queries if it didn’t).
  • Wait a while and your TopCashBack account will be credited with the cashback.
  • When your cashback reaches the set minimum it will be paid into y
    our bank account.

How much?
Well that depends – sometimes not much – just a small percentage of the price paid less V.A.T. and delivery but at other times it can be a sizeable lump sum. I’m waiting on a payment of £120 from nPower for switching to them. As luck would have it that payment was increased to £130 a couple of weeks later but obviously I only get the cashback offered at the time I signed up.

Biggest lump sums tend to come from…

  • Energy suppliers
  • Insurances (car, home, etc.)
  • Broadband
  • Mobile phone

It pays to switch around between those suppliers reasonably regularly as not only does the best value supplier often change but every time you switch you can claim cashback. Use the comparison sites to find the top deals then check TopCashBack to find out the cashback offered by each, combine the offers to select which one to go with – the cashback deal can often make an apparently higher priced deal work out cheapest.

So far over a couple of years I’ve received nearly £800 in cashback just on what I would have bought anyway. You can too. Just register with TopCashBack now before you forget.

In case you’re wondering if I get anything out of you joining – well obviously the answer to that is yes but only £2.50 and not until you’ve saved yourself £5. Once you’ve registered you can do the same yourself with your own referral link.


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