Grand Union Canal

Start point of a circular walk encompassing the canal and a section of the River Nene

Our walking of the Grand Union canal starts from just south of the In and Out garage on the Towcester Road down a set of steps to the towpath.

Clicking the picture takes you to Google Streetview should you wish to pinpoint the location.

Once at the bottom of the steps turning right and heading east away from the bridge over the Towcester Road brings you quite quickly to the start of the Grand Union where it joins the River Nene. To continue your walk in this direction you have to cut through the bottom of a housing estate into Cotton End and pick up the river footpath at South Bridge.

Alternately turning to your left heading west undeneath the bridge carrying the Towcester Road puts you on the towpath heading west past some locks and to an old brick built bridge.

You can leave the canal footpath here into Thorne Hill Estate

Streetview of access to canal from Thorne Hill Estate

Alternately and what we invariably do is cross the bridge and take a cyclepath to the River Nene