Kaiboer H1055 1080p HD MKV media player


Kaiboer H1055 1080p HD MKV media player

I was supplied this media player as a replacement for the Eaget X5 which I’d bought on eBay and found to have limited support for subtitle and audio track selection.
See my Eaget X5 HD media player page for more information on that.

The Kaiboer H1055
To my eye the light blue plastic front was less stylish than black front of the Eaget X5 which it replaced. There are two side mounted USB ports rather than the single front panel port on the X5.

I connected an HDMI cable and put a couple of AAA batteries (not supplied) in the remote and turned everything on. Setting up the H1055 was slightly more difficult than it should have been as it arrived set to Chinese language and the mini CD that was included and which I assume contained some sort of manual was cracked. I recognised the settings icon for what it was and guessed the first entry might be for language which, as luck would have it, it was. After that it was all plain sailing.

Buttons on the remote bring up options to select the audio and subtitle track where the MKV carries more than one. Unlike the X5 these work perfectly. It still wouldn’t play a remuxed MKV produced by MKVtoolnix though however I didn’t try all the options as I no longer need to mess with this anyway. As an aside the much older eGreat M34A had no problem with MKVtoolnix files at all.

Even though this player is more expensive than the Eaget X5 it is still pretty bargain basement. Nobody would mistake the case for an expensive media player but the same can be said for my eGreat M34A which I have now relegated to the bedroom. The Kaiboer’s fast boot time has lead to its promotion to my main HD media player. It does the job perfectly. Shame about that tatty blue fascia though.