Changing A Foscam FI8905W Lens


Lens change instructions
These are not my instructions – I have just converted a PDF which was sent to me by John Peabody via the DigitalHam contact form. The PDF had no copyright information and I assume it was created by the eBay seller of the replacement lenses. I have only published this to give an idea of the job – I imagine if you buy a lens your seller will provide some instructions with it.

FI8905W lens change figure 1

Please Note: If you are exchanging 2.5mm or 2.8mm lenses remove the four short copper pins along with the lens to prevent the cover from damaging the lens.

1) Remove the case from the FI8905

2) Remove the screws and take out the IR board and lens (leaving the 4 screws in place)

FI8905W lens change figure 2

3) Hold the copper pins with a pair of pliers and use a screwdriver to remove the 4 small screws at the top of the IR board.

FI8905W lens change figure 3

4) Remove the small black screw on the lens, then unscrew it from the lens socket.

5) Remove the black screw from the new lens and screw it into the lens socket.

FI8905W lens change figure 4

6) Power up the camera and view the image, twist the upper lens to sharpen the image, then replace the small screw and tighten it.

7) If you cannot twist the upper part of the lens, loosen the small white screw on the lens socket. Now twist the upper part of the lens to sharpen the image.

8) Replace the IR board, all the screws and the cover, power up again and check the image.


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