Homebrew LF and MF antennas for amateur ham radio


This is a list of designs for any type of LF and MF homebrew amateur antenna

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PA0RDT Mini Whip

Compact wideband active antenna.

Claimed effective from 10kHz to 30MHz

Frequency range: 10 kHz 30 MHz
Power: 12 15 volts at 50 mA.
Second order output intercept point: > + 70 dBm.
Third order output intercept point: > + 30 dBm.
Maximum output power: in excess of 15 dBm

Length: 100 mm, diameter: 40 mm
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The "Lazy" Loop by Jim Moritz

The great advantage of this sytem is that the critical tuning components are nice and dry in the shack, no remote control, no waterproofing, just twiddle and go!
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ON7YD Vertical antenna with inductive toploading

In an environment with a lot of 'vertical objects' (trees etc.) close to the antenna inductive toploading can significantly increase the performance of a short vertical antenna. The antenna is 14m high at the right end (where the loading coil is) and 16m high at the left end. The horizontal top section is 22m long and consists of 4 parallel wires, each 90cm separated.
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DK5PT's compact ferrite loading coil for LW antennas

The air-gap Variometer. What I am using for LF antenna matching is a relatively small ferrite pot-core instead of big coupled air coils. Pot cores are primarily used for power transformers in switching supplies, not usually for high Q coil applications. The core is a SIEMENS PM74/59 with 74mm diameter. The ferrite is N27.
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Constructing a LowFER Antenna by Robert Bicking, W9RB

Getting on the air with a LowFER station is more complicated than getting on the ham bands since commercial equipment isn't available and construction is involved. The "RB" LowFER antenna is 31 feet tall with a 24 foot diameter top hat. At 186 kHz, the antenna primarily looks capacitive with a small resistive component con
sisting of the radiation resistance of the antenna in series with the loading coil resistance and the ground resistance.
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