MSI Wind / Advent 4211 mods


MSI Wind / Advent 4211 - back showing case screwsThere are 9 case screws – none are concealed

Advent 4211 Mods
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Excellent advice which I somehow seem to ignore whatever new gadget I aquire. With the eeePC it was a memory expansion and the installation of Ubuntu. With my 4211 I’ve gone one further and replaced the WiFi module too.

The case
Unlike most other laptops the entire bottom half of the case must be removed from the Advent 4211 to replace anything. Fortunately this is very easy – all screws are clearly visible with none lurking under rubber feet or labels and the lower case only needs carefully prising off. Obviously the battery should be removed first.

The 1GB standard memory should be adequate for just about anything you are likely to throw at this machine but as I had a 512MB SODIMM spare (the one I removed from the eeePC when I upgraded the memory on that) I thought I may as well fit it because with Windows extra memory is always handy.

I’m determined to learn Linux properly sometime so as usual with my machines I’ve installed Ubuntu as a dual boot option – Hungry Heron this time. One day I may even get around to using it in earnest – hopefully before the releases wrap around past Zany Zebra to Amorous Armadillo (or whatever).

WiFi card
This one was totally unnecessary – I had some problems getting Ubuntu working properly with the shipped WiFi card so as the Intel 3945ABG card could be bought for £8 delivered off eBay and is directly supported by Ubuntu without using any Linux Voodoo. I got one and popped it in.

Inside the MSI Wind / Advent 4211Inside the Advent 4211 – WiFi and memory locations indicated


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