MSI Wind / Advent 4211 netbook computer


Advent 4211 - rebadged MSI Wind alongside Asus eeePC 701Advent 4211 – rebadged MSI Wind alongside Asus eeePC 701

Replacing my eeePC with an Advent 4211
When the eeePC was introduced I just had to get one for use with amateur radio when on holiday or portable. The main problem I found was that the tiny screen didn’t quite cut the mustard for PSK31 use as it was not quite big enough for comfortable use.

Time has moved on and several manufacturers have released new sub notebooks to compete with the eeePC and Asus themselves have released a new model with a larger 8.9″ screen.

I decided to upgrade before my eeePC lost all of its value. After evaluating the new machines I decided upon a rebadged MSI Wind – the Advent 4211 sold by PC World. The remarkable thing about the Advent 4211 is that it has come to market before the MSI Wind, is freely available in the UK and is actually considerably cheaper – mine cost £279.99 delivered with around £11 back via Quidco. I can happily forgo a fashionable white case for a £60+ saving.

The Advent 4211 / MSI Wind
For me the Advent 4211 offers a number of advantages over its predecessor…

  • 10.4 inch 1024×800 screen – the extra screen real estate really makes a difference.
  • 80GB hard drive – allows me to install everything I need with space to spare.
  • Windows XP as standard – Ham Radio Delux is enough reason to welcome this.

I have still installed Ubuntu as a dual boot alternative to Windows so all the programs I had on the eeePC are still usable but now the magnificent Ham Radio Delux, FT817 Commander, PSK31, DM780, and others join the throng of free amateur radio software available to me. I upgraded the memory and installed a WiFi card with better support in Ubuntu – notes on that are here.


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