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Demise of the weathercam

The camera I was using for a weathercam was just standard waterproof CCTV dome camera bought on eBay for just over £20 (GBP). The camera feed went to an Easycap USB video capture device and I used WebcamXP software to show the video. The first camera suffered water damage and was replaced.

The camera stopped working on Windows 10 and at first I thought the Easycap device had failed so I replaced that but I then started to get software issues causing a BSOD from the Easycap driver software and/or the WebcamXP program I was using so I have stopped running the weathercam.

I have tried using the camera on a Raspberry Pi but it doesn’t work properly and gives terrible pictures. I may revisit this option later as the camera is still mounted outside.

Weathercam resurrected (maybe)

I’ve found some different drivers and will be retrying the webcam. You may occasionally see some herringbone interference from the 20meter WSPR beacon I run. The strange rod in the top right hand corner is actually vertical and part of the home-brew magnetic loop the beacon transmits on.

Sorry but I have had to change from streamed video to uploaded¬†snapshots. This shouldn’t materially impact the use apart from not being able to see cloud movement. The reason is I have moved away from having any ports open to the web from my home network as detailed here.

Dome CCTV camera facing north east.

Current Northampton sky

Slideshow of pictures uploaded over the last 24 hours.
WeeWX Northampton if it fails to show correctly below (opens in new page)

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