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6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna

The G3JVL 6 Meter ground plane vertical is a compact antenna that is ideal for portable operations. If needed, it can be disassembled into a very small bundle no longer than the longest element.

Although a little engineering work is required, it is well within the abilities of the home workshop and all you newly licensed amateurs or 6 Meter buffs!
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Coaxial Colinear

You can build a colinear from coax by following this design. You will need to scale it to suit the frequency you wish to use.
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Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna for 20m, 30m, 40m

A simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres, but by changing the overall length of the wire coverage of other bands is feasible.
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HB9ABX RoomCap Antenna

Yet another new, revolutionary design which allows the construction of small
HF antennas which provide the same efficiency as large antennas.

(Maybe but probably not !!! - G6KIZ)

This antenna can be built for all HF bands, from 10 to 80 m.
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144 430 Mhz portable antenna

Design for a portable J pole
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Easy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni Antenna

An easy stepbystep guide go making a homemade wireless antenna for a fraction of the cost of commercial antenna. Uses readily available parts and requires no specialist tools or knowledge. Or in geek speak a diy homebrew omnidir
ectional colinear dipole design suitable for 802.11 wifi compatible hardware with external antenna connector.
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This is
a combination center and top loaded multiband antenna. It gets a good boost in efficiency from the
capacity hat which, unlike the commercial bugcatcher antennas, is located where it should be: as high as
practical on the whip. The low profile of the capacity hat lets it cut through the wind while still remaining
effective. This is the largest diameter hat which can withstand highway speeds without using a stiffer whip.

Band switching is accomplished by moving the jumper plug to different tap points on the coil. You have
to stop, get out, and manually change the tap.

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QRP Six Metre Portable Dipole

Simple design using a central box and two whips. Fits onto a camera tripod.
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Portable HF Transmitting Loop Antenna

Small tunable magnetic loop antenna light enough to carry while operating, it disassembles into small but rugged pieces that fit easily in a backpack or gym bag, and it can be tuned from 14 MHz to 30 MHz.
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Home Brew dual band mobile antenna

This antenna is just a 1/4 wavelength resonator for both UHF and VHF band. It provides no GAIN as com
pared to other multi-section design. Yet it has the advantage of better stability against surrounding influence (e.g. different mounting method, unexpected reflection by surrounding objects, difference in stray capacitance between test bench and operating field ). The antenna consists of two sections. The lower section is a conductor cut to resonant on UHF band. The upper section is a coil which serves two purposes. For UHF band, this coil is a RFC (radio frequency choke). It blocks UHF frequency energy to flow through upper section. For VHF band, this coil enhances the inductance provided by lower section. The resultant inductor, together with surrounding stray capacitance will form a VHF resonant circuit and becomes the VHF antenna.
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