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Some time ago I decided to keep my favourite links in a little MySQL database rather than use browser favourites. By presenting the links as a web page using a php script which also has the ability to maintain them I get portability between browsers and computers.

There is no documentation but hopefully usage will be pretty self evident.  I have provided a zip of the script and images for download here.

To run this you’ll need a web host that provides PHP and MySQL I have used 000WebHost.com for simple projects in the past and they should be fine as a free hoster for this script. As I’m considering hosting Digitalham from a home server I put my own favourites on a Raspberry Pi 2. It runs quite well but when I tried a copy of Digitalham itself it became clear that I’ll need something more meaty.


This is all offered very much as-is. The security is rudimentary and you use it at your own risk. I don’t mind answering the odd question but I’m not going to get involved in any lengthy explanations or redevelopment.

Here is a brief explanation of what needs to be done. It is unlikely to be enough for a total beginner as I’m not a technical writer.

Get a web hosting account that supports PHP/MySQL

Set up the database table by pasting the following into the MySQL SQL input box  and hitting enter

MySQL database setup code

  `fav_id` smallint(4) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `category` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  `url` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `link` varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  `target` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '_blank',
  PRIMARY KEY (`fav_id`)

Download the zip file above and extract the files in it.

Edit the index.php file to include your own login and database user password and name.

Use an FTP program to upload index.php the images directory.

Just entering your webhosting domain name into your browser address bar will now bring up the index.php page and you can start entering your favourites one by one from there although it will be more convenient and quicker to prepare a file of them in SQL format and use MySQL to populate the database.

A sample of the syntax needed is given below…

INSERT INTO `favourite` (`fav_id`, `category`, `url`, `link`, `target`) VALUES
(1, '# My Sites', 'https://www.digitalham.co.uk/', 'DigitalHam', '_blank'),
(2, '# My Sites', 'http://www.foofers.co.uk/', 'Foofers', '_blank'),
(3, '# My Sites', 'http://www.kwikbreaks.co.uk/?kbwp=', 'Kwikbreaks Original', '_blank'),

....  etc. etc. up to the final line which has ; on the end

(4, '# My Sites', 'http://www.kwikbreaks.co.uk/owners/index.php', 'Kwikbreaks Owners', '_blank');


  3 Responses to “Portable Browser Favourites”

  1. Hi Mark

    Some time ago, you pointed me in the direction of a script for building a website to show my favourites.
    I’ve got my domain up and running (using 000webhost) and I’ve uploaded the files from the Favourites.zip file you supplied on here via FTP.

    I can’t see how to get the php files to run from HTML (and googling just confuses me).

    I’d be obliged if you could let me have some sort of idiots guide to running this as I really want to get it working.


    Richard Green
    (rmg1 on MoneySavingExpert forums)

  2. I will add a few more details to the information I’ve given above.

  3. I recently made some changes to the way entries are maintained and have today updated the download with that new source.

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