The Raspberry Pi


I have found the Raspberry Pi to be so versatile for my radio and weather projects that it now merits a section of its own in DigitalHam. I currently have three in all now – two model Bs and one Pi 2B.

It’s amazing what you can do with this tiny computer. I bought one primarily as a WSPR beacon once I get around to putting up a longwire antenna for it. Then I decided to also use it for my ADSB feed to Flightradar24 which gives me free premium access. So then I wondered about using it as a weather feed too. After checking out a number of weather software systems I settled on WeeWX which runs OK on the Raspberry Pi alongside the other stuff. I was running Cumulus on an EEE PC at my holiday caravan but decided to buy a second Raspberry Pi primarily to handle the weather station there .

One model B has an easy time of it right now just running WeeWx at my holiday caravan but if I can figure out how to rig up a stealth HF antenna I’ll try running WsprryPi on it as well to supplement the QRP Labs Ultimate S3 Kit beacon  I’m currently running on my homebrew whip. It did run the backend for my ISP monitor earlier until Three got their act together and fixed their 3G cell. Hopefully that function won’t be needed again.

The other model B has an even easier time of it right now sitting idle and unplugged as I’ve transferred all the jobs it was doing over to my new Pi 2B. I intend to use it as a WsprryPi beacon.

The Pi 2B is currently running…..

Hopefully once I can get soundcard and serial control issues sorted out for WXtoImg for my APT satellite feed and something to handle my weathercam feed I’ll be able to run that stuff on the Pi and stop running my Desktop 24×7. If I can the power savings alone will pay for it in 6 months.

Raspberry Pi starter kit

Power supply, Micro SDHC card, Raspberry Pi computer board, and a plastic casing. All you need for a working linux based computer.


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