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The Church steeple lies North East

WebcamXP which I use to process the CCTV stream from the weathercam provides the option to upload a single image using FTP. I have set it up to upload snapshots and a cron script handles renaming the latest upload and erasing of old images. An off-the peg PHP script then produces the slideshow below giving snapshots from a day ago to the most recent.

This process is annoyingly pretty unreliable and I have to restart Webcam XP quite often to keep things running smoothly and manually prune images where it has failed to refresh for some reason. Yawcam wasn’t reliable either. I’m not sure if it is the software or the capture card to blame or maybe something else. Certainly occasionally it fails to work at all on startup and I have to reboot to get the USB drivers to load. This is why the slideshow sometimes has duplicated images or is shorter than a day because they either haven’t uploaded at all or I’ve deleted some manually.

A cure?
As mentioned above I have been having a lot of trouble with the weathercam “sticking” – the time updates but the image doesn’t change. I think I may have found the cause and cured this – the dongle is on a USB extension lead and I noticed that any movement of the lead at all was  followed by the “USB connect” sound. I think the device disconnect and reconnect was causing the video to stall. A change of lead made no difference so I’ve bodged a cure by wedging the dongle into the connector with some packing made by folding over paper. That has stopped  the sounds and with any luck the “sticking”.

The cable bodge does seem to have done the trick!!! I’ve not seen a stuck display in ages now.

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