WSPR Spots using a short loaded whip and QRP transmitters


A fortnights spots

These spots were recorded at the caravan over the fortnight leading up to 4th April 2015 using a 120mw home constructed beacon kit and the loaded whip.

WSPR can produce some surprising results. These screenshots of the hourly contacts come from using just an FT817ND QRP transceiver at 500mW output with a far from efficient antenna. It’s called weak signal for a reason.

I will be adding more about WSPR as time permits. More home-brew transmitting antennas – I plan to construct a loaded dipole for 20m based on the whip and maybe a loop if I can figure out an unobtrusive layout for one. Some testing with a cheap HF receiver – a Realistic DX-394 which can be had secondhand on eBay for around £70 or so delivered fed by a PA0RDT active HF antenna. Maybe a page on my home constructed QRP beacon too.


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