XASTIR under Ubunto on the ASUS Eee PC


There do not appear to be many APRS programs to choose from in the Ubuntu sources. XASTIR does not really meet my needs so an in depth appraisal will be a while coming.

Initial findings

  • Works once you’ve turned off all appearance enhancements. Recompile fixes this.
  • No direct soundcard support – needs TNC or TCP/IP link to a Windows machine running AGWPE

I received the following information through the site contact form. I have not further investigated XASTIR myself but this will doubtless be useful to anyone considering it…

Xastir does work from Soundcard. Use Soundmodem. Also is way better than AGWPE, no need to network anything. Soundmodem, once set up, shows up as a Networking Device in Linux. Works just like a Serial connected TNC. KISS or otherwise. Xastir is also more stable than AGWTracker. When you install Xastir and configure it properly it always does what you expect it to unlike AGWPE/AGWTracker.
73 KD8BOW Brian


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  1. Brian KD8BOW,
    I am new to Ubuntu and Xastir, you mentioned Xastir does work with Signalink. Can you please forward the steps and settings I have to do to make it work? I am unable to locate these settings anywhere.

    Don KE9XB

  2. Don,

    I’ve contacted Brian by replying to his original email to me on this asking him to add some pointers. If he gets the email and has the time you’ll hopefully see a reply here.

    Mark G6KIZ

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